About Mama Bosso

Mama Bosso enjoys a sixty-year history in the upper Midwest.

Originating in Moline, IL, Mama Bosso’s Italian Restaurant became one of the first establishments to offer pizza in the region.  In 1986, the restaurant closed, but the popular pizza continued to be sold in grocery stores throughout the area.

Mama Bosso creates pizza with fresh dough, that’s proofed overnight, just like a pizzeria. Other brands have abandoned this process and may use crust made somewhere else.

“We use traditional ingredients such as malt syrup, high protein flour and traditional processes.  We allow the dough to develop flavor with ‘floor time’ and then freeze it quickly so when the consumer bakes it in a hot oven at home, they’ll enjoy a REAL crust” – Don Montgomery, Mama Bosso’s long-time production manager.

Mama Bosso’s goal is to surprise our consumers with authentic features missing from other frozen pizza.

“Our new products will include authentic culinary techniques – such as house roasted garlic – to make our brand distinct.  Our goal is for a family to enjoy their dinner together and feel good about their selection.  We also know many families are busy and our pizza is enjoyed by kids with some carrot sticks and apple slices” – Scott Florence, Mama Bosso CEO and President.

The Mama Bosso brand has continued to grow by offering consumers a great pizza with fresh ingredients at a tremendous value.

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