TYED together

Mama believes music can change lives, and unfortunately not everyone gets to have this opportunity. This is why we created TYED Together, an annual fundraiser to raise money for HAVlife, a local scholarship charity with the mission of ‘Preventing Lost Potential.’ While we tie dye shirts to raise money, the event has the double purpose of hosting a stage for local youth bands. And of course, we made lots of pizza.


Tyed Together 2018

On Sunday, July 8th, Mama Bosso sponsored the first ever Tyed Together event at Freight House Farmers’ Market to raise money for HAVlife Foundation!

We were able to raise over $1,000 for HAVlife Foundation! AND due to the success of the event, we will be partnering with the Farmers’ Market to make Tyed Together an annual fundraiser, so we can keep raising money for their amazing mission to prevent lost potential in our community’s youth. Watch this video to learn more about HAVlife and to see footage from the event.

Thank you to River Music Experience, LogoPro, and HAVlife Foundation for helping us sponsor the event. Also, thank you to everyone that volunteered their time to help us on the day of the event! Be sure to check out talented artists Kelsey Cheatwood, Marina Antoinette Kruger and Bill Gustafson.

Videography by Brady Mcgee.

Posted by Mama Bosso Pizza on Thursday, July 19, 2018